Lundquist's Natural Images

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Lundquist's Natural Images



Images in both our Nature/Wildlife Galleries and Event Galleries may be processed to make the items listed below.

Matted images

Standard matt will be a white double matt with a black border trim. Size of image determines cost of matt


Framed images

Type, size and cost of frames determine cost of picture. Normally, price will be between $50 - $100+ Please contact us for personal consultation and pricing.



5" x 7" Blank notecard with envelope. Image is printed directly onto heavy duty notecard paper.

Sold in batches of 3 for $10 plus shipping for LNI images.

Custom images $7.95 each plus shipping


Images may be the same or varied. Not all of our images are available for tiles. Please contact for consultation.

Selections of Coaster Images Click Here

Decorative Tiles

4" x 4" Tiles with cork square on bottom to prevent scratching. Several overcoats of sealant to prevent water damage to image.

$5.95 each, plus $5 shipping for up to 4 tiles.


Custom Decorative Tiles from Horse Show images.

$7.95 each, plus $5 shipping for up to 4 tiles. Images must be cropped to a 4"x4" image. Please contact for consultation.


Custom Composite Images

Select up to 4 images and text for a beautiful presentation of you and your horse.

8" x 10" is $27.95 plus shipping.

Please contact for consultation.


Depending on the product and size requested, some cropping of images may occur. If cropping will change the appearance of image, we will contact you for directions.


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