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Lundquist's Natural Images


Lundquist's Natural Images Photo Copyright Policy

Lundquist's Natural Images (LNIphoto) has exclusive copyright control of all images taken while serving as the officially sanctioned commercial photographer of equine and other events.  These rights also apply to all Lundquist's Natural Images images sold via our website ( or other commercial channels and outlets.

Thus, when you purchase a photograph from us, in any form, you are buying the right to enjoy it in a limited, personal setting.  Making un-authorized copies of any kind or using the image for commercial or social media (e.g. Facebook) purposes is a violation of the purchase agreement (explicit or implied) and U.S. Federal Copyright Law.  This infringement of our rights includes copying an image off of our website or having copies made of an image you purchase from us.  The LNIphoto water mark is prominently displayed on all website images and may also be seen on photos illegally copied from our website.

Please honor the legal requirements of this policy when obtaining images from LNI.

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A Hallmark of any successful commercial enterprise is superior quality of service. This is especially true for a family owned business such as LNI.  In order to accomplish this, we have adopted a six part policy for our business (A.S.P.I.R.E.) The elements are:

Attentiveness:    a courteous and thoughtful approach to our clients and their photography interests and image needs.

Sensible:    provide fair and competitive pricing, equitable resolution of issues.

Professional:   timely delivery of high quality photo image products, personal service and solutions that exceed our client’s expectations.

Integrity:    A long term commitment to bring trustworthiness to all our business services.  A fair and ethical approach to the relationship with our clients and business associates.

Reliability:    Fast and clear response to inquiries. A “can do” attitude and approach toward custom orders and delivery of any special service requests.

Effectiveness:     we strive to the highest level of  artistic vision, photographic technique and technical work flow, efficiency in creation and presentation of our photo image products.


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